Eterna HealthCare City offers an array of facilities and services, from visit bookings to maintenance and site management; every operational detail will be taken into consideration for the patient wellness and utmost comfort.

On-ground Parking

For more than 1000 cars

Underground Parking

2 Basement Floors
1000 Cars

High Tech Elevators
Waiting Areas

General waiting area and Clinic’s own waiting area.


24/7 – CCTV Cameras

Online Booking


Combining comfort and privacy for you and your patients. Our clinic spaces range from 40 sqm and up to 100 sqm so you can add all the equipment needed for diagnosis and therapy. Also, all the clinics at Eterna are delivered fully finished.

Medical Centers

Our medical centers start from 70 sqm and up to 1000 sqm, allowing them to accommodate a capacity of 30 beds “a small specialized medical center”.
All medical centers are delivered in core & shell condition and are designed with attention to every small detail.


At Eterna healthcare city you can find a wide variety of hospitals designs & types. We created a leading constructive style that gives you hospital spaces starting 2000 sqm divided on consecutive floor levels or you can choose a standalone hospital building.


Exclusive Laboratory from to fit all of your diagnostic equipment. Offering the integrated and complementary services for Eterna community.

Radiology Centers

Exclusive space that fits all of your diagnostic radiology equipment, to provide Eterna Community with integrated service including the best advice, treatment and follow-up.


At Eterna Healthcare City, we offer integrated medical services, and hence built a 200 sqm, exclusive community pharmacy. For easier and more convincer access to all the patient needs.

Retail Stores

Located in the ground floor, we offer very niche retail spaces with a total space of 1350 sqm. At Eterna Healthcare City every store or retail space has its own perfect view of greenery & water features in addition to the parking areas, to assure you the daily traffic and the best and easiest access to your store. You can choose your space starting from 28 sqm.