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5 Must-haves for 21st Century Doctors!

Medical clinic - blog 5 must have

Being a doctor in the 21st century is not easy-going. The digital world has already proved itself through the last Covid-19 pandemic. Yes, you need to digitize your medical tools to make sure that you exist and really give your patients comfortable treatment.

The following medical-digital devices will help you provide your patients with a positive and professional experience!


1-The Eko Core:

The 21st century’s version of stethoscope!

It can help you amplify heart sound 40 times, reduce white noise and allow doctors to even fine-tune readings with digital settings.


Through the Eco Core app, doctors and patients can follow up, share and save what they hear and even go live streaming when needed.



2- The Ultra-Portable Ultrasound:

Now you can hold your ultrasound device and visit your patient home for a quick check-up!


With the digital ultrasound diagnostic device, it’s a whole new era of medical services.


In connection with a smartphone, you can get real-time & high-resolution ultrasound images similar to the traditional ultrasound results.


3-The Wallet EGC:

Today, with the advent of digital health the EGC huge machine has been sized down to a small device that you can put into your wallet!


The 21st century’s EGC device can measure one’s heart rates, detect heart conditions, beam the heart readings to your smartphone and the results can thereafter be saved or shared with anyone.


4-The Ear Tech in a pocket!


Because the digital world works for better and easy life services, it didn’t miss to facilitate another medical service.

As the traditional ear examination can lose accuracy and be uncomfortable to your patients, here is the pocketable Wiscmed otoscope; a built-in nano camera that gives you clear images of patients’ eardrums and can be examined through a computer monitor!


5- The All-in-one Package:

This FDA-approved portable device gives the diagnostic era of the 21st century a whole new touch.

It can easily measure ECG, blood oxygen, body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, step count and many other health parameters.