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2021 Medical Technologies the doctor inside you will definitely like!

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In a year that is full of healthcare challenges, the medical sector kept trying new methods and technologies that promise a better health care future in the coming years. The medical care sector in 2021 was such a rapidly-growing one.
Through the post-pandemic 2021, many health care organizations focused to integrate digital health services with existing physical ones. That resulted into the 5 hottest medical technologies of 2021!
Here we go!

1-The NanoMedicine: Nanotechnology has been a great addition to the medical industry through the last decades. Today it’s merged with digital technologies. Now you can use the medical application of nanotechnology that operates on the atomic, molecular, or supramolecular scale. Nanotechnology has applications that imagine, sense, diagnosis and deliver through specific medical devices.

2- The Lab on A Chip: In 2021, instead of taking samples to the lab, scientists now bring labs to the samples.
It’s the new device “a lab on a chip”. A chip that is half the size of a credit card and contains a network of tiny channels that can deliver Coronavirus test results within 30 minutes only. Although Corona changes a lot in a doctor’s life, you can stay safe at home and keep others safe remotely.

3-The Smarter Pacemakers: Originally, the pacemaker is a device that delivers electrical impulses to heart muscle chambers, so that they can prevent or correct life-threatening heart arrhythmias.
The 2021’s surprise is that scientists developed a new version of pacemakers with Bluetooth technology. This type of Pacemakers is a little bit smarter, it can be linked with smartphone apps that patients can easily utilize and be remotely monitored.

4-Diabetes Wearable Glucose Monitors: Don’t you think that fitness trackers help a lot in health care?
Things are getting more professional in 2021. As an advanced medical version of the fitness trackers, scientists present the CGMS as the new normal!
For diabetes patients, it’s the 2021’s gift. These wearable continuous glucose monitors keep track of your patient’s blood sugar levels in real-time and absolutely help them see the immediate impact of food and exercise and accordingly shape their lives.

5-Face Recognition with Mask: This is that last one but not the least! Here’s to one of the most trendy technologies of 2021. As facial recognition becomes one of the most popular technologies, ensuring authorized access of medical staff members to handheld devices or work stations,it was tweaked to assure that they don’t have to take their masks off during the covid-19 pandemic. According to reports, some companies have already delivered facial recognition of mask-wearing individuals with 99.9% accuracy.
Now, you don’t need to take off your mask anymore.

Through the years, with every and each health challenge, scientists keep working to improve new solutions. Digital technologies could add a lot to many sectors when people were obligated to stay home, especially to the medical sector when safety was guaranteed with remote communications. From now on, we cannot stop the digital medical solutions. We can only hope that they really provide a better future for humanity.